The freedom that I hope they will always have…

Tonight, as I lay beside my daughters and watch them peacefully fall asleep, I think about the freedom that I hope they will always have:


The freedom to stay up that little bit later, playing, or reading that extra story that they ask for, before they fall asleep;


The freedom to sleep late in the morning if they need to, because there is nowhere that we absolutely must be by a certain time;


The freedom to play whatever – and whenever – they want;


The freedom to spend their time as they wish;


The freedom to be whomever they choose to be, on any given day;


The freedom to think and learn for themselves, and not be forced to fit somebody else’s vision of what they should be;


The freedom to grow up knowing their true self and what is in their hearts and their minds, and to follow that;


Freedom to choose, freedom to explore and learn in their own way, and freedom to be themselves, to pursue their own individuality.


I hope they will always be free spirits.


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