One day, in the future…

 A  little poem from me, to my beautiful daughters, Jess and Amy…



One day, in the future, when childhood is done,

And all the realities of adulthood come,

We will lie close together and remember the fun,

Of the childhood we spent, when we played in the sun.


We’ll get lost in our memories, and talk of the days,

Of beaches and parks and long holidays,

How we ran through the garden, we climbed and we played,

How we chased all the wintry darkness away.


We’ll remember our evenings, snuggled up tight,

Reassuringly close as we slept through the night, 

How nightmares would jolt us awake with a fright,

And how comfort and love could put everything right.


We will whisper and giggle and share all our thoughts,

Our memories, our wishes, the battles we fought,

Our intertwined feelings and glimpses we caught,

Of the deeper connections that we always sought.


We will lie on our backs and gaze at the stars,

And remember the barbies and legos and cars,

And we’ll know that as beautifully close as we are,

Nothing on Earth could keep us apart.



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