The things I will be

I will be your courage,
standing tall and stepping forward,
when your world seems suddenly filled with fear.

I will be your voice,
when you cannot find it,
because it has hidden somewhere deep inside,
unable to find the courage to come out and speak.

I will be your eyes,
as you wander blindly along the path of your life,
unable to see what is around the next corner.

I will be your support,
when you falter or stumble,
on your journey to that place you so desperately want to reach.

I will be your caution,
when you run without thinking,
headlong into a storm that could harm you.

I will be your legs,
when your body is too tired to walk,
but your journey must continue.

I will be your ears,
when your attention is fixed on something else,
but you are missing something that needs to be heard.

I will be your nurse,
helping you back to health when you are sick.

I will be your audience;
I will listen while you talk and while you ask questions.
I will listen to all your thoughts that find a voice.
I will watch as you grow, and as you play, and as you learn about your world.
I will watch while you dance.

I will be your reason,
which your young mind and inexperience has yet to discover,
because in your world so far,
there has been no need for it.

I will be your advocate,
when something needs to be said,
and sadly society may not recognise someone so young,
as the wonderful citizen that you are.

I will be your compass,
to alert you and redirect you when you lose your way,image
when you wander into paths that will lead you to dark places.

I will be your ears,
listening for opportunities that I may direct you to,
to experience the most wonderful parts of life.

I will be your conscience,
here to remind you when something needs putting right,
or to show you the choices you have before you.

I will be your teacher;
my experience and understanding of the world is a gift I have the privilege of passing on to you.
What you do with that gift, is your choice.
But it is mine to offer you, and yours to take.

I will be your guide;
I will steer you as best I can (and provided you allow me),
to do good things;
to succeed in your adventure;
to be happy and healthy.

I will be your truth;
I will not lie to you.
I will tell it like it is.
And I will be there to pick up the pieces when you discover that the world is not what you once thought.

I will be your justice,
showing you the effects of your actions on the people you meet – and the people you don’t.
Not with fear, but with compassion.

I will be your calm,
when you feel rage that overwhelms you and you feel like your body will explode.
I will be the calm that holds all your pieces together.

I will be your friend,
and I will hope that nothing will ever be too big, or too bad, or too secret to tell me,
especially if it is something that causes you pain.

I will be your constant;
Your world will change.
You will change.
But I will not.

All the things that I am right now, I will always be.

I will love you always.


2 thoughts on “The things I will be

  1. Karen says:

    This is so incredibly composed and brought tears to my eyes and best of all completely reveals how I feel for our son who is 13 months..thank you for sharing this. I am a first time mum who was also a teacher and will be home your stuff 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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